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what I’m doing

I will not be at WorldCon in Australia.  This is a huge shame, because I like Australia, or at least the parts of it I’ve been to, and of course in the unlikely event that I win the Campbell it would be nice to be there for it, and it feels lame and a bit rude not to.  But there’s just no way I can make the time this year.

I will be at a thing for the New Atlantic Independent Bookseller’s Association on September 20th in Atlantic City.

I will be doing a reading of some kind at the Steampunk Indie Mart in Brooklyn on October 24.

I will be World Fantasy in Ohio on October 29-31 if at all possible.

I will probably be at Steamcon in Seattle on November 19-21.

5 Responses to “what I’m doing”

  1. Michael Says:

    Boo, hiss! Althoughbtotally understandable. We are kind’ve out of the way down here.

    but still, good luck with the Campbell.

  2. felix Says:


    it’s a shame, excuses to go to Australia don’t come along that often, but I just couldn’t make it work. oh well.

  3. Chris Langford Says:

    I just finished the Thunderer! What a great book! I bought the hard cover of Gears of the City and I’m looking forward to reading it.

  4. felix Says:

    Thanks, Chris.

  5. ???? ??? Says:

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