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D-Day +1

There is a strange and ominous silence.

9 Responses to “D-Day +1”

  1. David Schaich Says:

    Come, now. You received a five-star review on Amazon.com from Harriet Klausner and her army of type-writing monkeys. Success is assured!

    But seriously, I just saw The Half-Made World in the LibraryThing.com Early Reviewers list, and found its description the most interesting of the batch. So interesting that, well, here I am.

  2. felix Says:

    I would pay up to $100 to know what the score is with Klausner. I’m genuinely fascinated. I can imagine various scenarios that explain the how but I’m stumped as to the why.

  3. CKHB Says:

    SHHHHH! Do you mind? I’m trying to read here.

  4. Michael Says:

    *twiddles thumbs waiting for bookdepository to deliver to Australia*

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