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In The Vault

lot of interesting spiders in here. lot of interesting bones and trinkets. what did I come in here for. i forgot.

5 Responses to “In The Vault”

  1. Fil Says:

    was it that you wanted to announce to the readers a new gun and line novel is in the works? no?
    too bad.

    i liked the first one a lot


  2. megazver Says:

    To resume your daily blogging habit, _of course_.

  3. Chastity Fitzgerald Says:


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  5. Moussa Says:

    Well, I’ve never been one to judge a book by its cover; but considering that those who’ve oreerdd it (according to Amazon) have also oreerdd Mosher & Fuller’s “The Crutape Letters” and /or Montford’s “The Hockey Stick Illusion” – not to mention your own “The Honest Broker” – maybe now is the time for all good people to judge a book by its cover – and/or the Amazonian company it keeps!But it would help if you could give us own “pre-review” :-)

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