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    플러스카지노 betting system explained

    플러스카지노 betting system. Like the 1326 system, the 212 Manhattan strategy treats bets like units. You increase your bet after you win two hands in a row, and for every hand after that. Should you lose a hand, you drop your bet back down to two units, or one, If you were already betting one or two units.

    Here’s what it looks like in action. If your standard wager is $10, let’s make $10 equal to 1 unit, you start by betting two units, $20. If you win, you drop down to one unit taking profit off the table and wagering one from 212.

    Should you lose that bet, you continue your 1 unit since that is where you are in the sequence. Should you win that hand, your next bet will be 2 units. You are now in the second two of your 212 sequences.

    If you win that hand again, you’re going to increase your bet to three units. You continue to add one unit to every previous bet until you lose. Should you lose, you drop your bet back down to two units and repeat the cycle.

    This betting strategy is all about safety and capping the downside. It also rewards you when you’re running hot by progressively adding to your wager as you keep winning. You also have to keep in mind that hot streaks of 6 to 10 hands in a row don’t happen often.

    Most players play a variation of the 212 and find their own optimal strategy. This is a good strategy to use. Then most players play a close version of Manhattan without even knowing it. Check out our upcoming videos where we discuss more betting strategies in blackjack.


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