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    11 Perfect Real Life 리얼돌 Barbie Girls


    The fact is, any girl who pursues a 리얼돌 doll-like style thinks that she is the most beautiful and perfect. Anyway, it is a remarkable effort. Here are 11 real-life 리얼돌 dolls. Number 11: Nannette Hammond Nannette Hammond, 42, from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, didn’t hesitate to spend much money on surgery to get the look she wants.

    But unfortunately, her Barbie beauty faults seem to have ruined her dream. Because of Barbie’s admiration, she is willing to spend a lot of money on plastic surgery. It is known that Nannette started cosmetic surgeries at the age of 27.

    Until now, she has spent around £350,000 on a variety of surgeries such as a breast lift, lip fillers, Botox, eyebrows tattoo, hair dye, and nail extensions. With the criteria of virtual life first, Nannette also meets difficulties in showing off all of her surgery results on Instagram.

    Sharing with the press, she said that she only used social media to check on her children and gradually became addicted. Nannette even asks her children to “work”. Number 10: Venus Palermo Venus Angelic’s real name is Venus Palermo, living in Spain.

    Venus always dresses like a real-life 리얼돌 doll. Due to a period of living in Japan, Venus was heavily influenced by the characters in the anime. The video “How to Look like a Doll” made the name of Venus and also attracted millions of views.

    Although dressing as a doll, Venus also has a normal life like many other girls. She says that the thick layer of clothes and the complicated makeup that people thought to be very sophisticated to prepare, actually only cost Venus 15 minutes a day.

    Number 8. Anastasiya Shpagina Another doll-like person from Ukraine causing shock waves among netizens is Anastasiya Shpagina. The 21-year-old girl is famous for always appearing with very sophisticated makeup, just like a doll – big eyes, a tiny nose, and juicy, chubby lips.

    Every day, no matter how busy, she spends more than 2 hours to enhance her appearance. Anastasiya said her wish was to have plastic surgery to be a doll forever. Number 7. Anzhelika Kenova Anzhelika Kenova was born on July 11th, 1988 in Russia.

    She possesses an ideal appearance with a height of 1.65 and her three measurements are 87-51-87. Anzhelika is one of the most famous girls who have plastic surgery to become a Barbie 리얼돌 doll in the world. Different from the glittering but stiff photos often seen in doll making, Anzhelika Kenova recently posted photos of her ordinary life which are no less beautiful and make netizens excited.

    Many people think that she is prettier in her simple look and more real than the photos of lifeless dolls before. Anzhelika rarely laughs, making many people doubt that the side effects of plastic surgery make her facial muscles not natural or that she is building a cool, sexy doll image.

    She always keeps the perfect beautiful image wherever she appears. She friendly poses with her fan. Number 6. Lolita Richi Most recently, a quickly-famous 리얼돌 doll girl was called the youngest Barbie in the world named Lolita Richi – was born in 1998, a Ukrainian.

    Compared to her seniors, Lolita had an hourglass-like body, with three different sizes of measurements. She owns a huge breasts up to 97 cm, and the waistline of the ant – is 50.8 cm. Not only that, but she also attracts attention thanks to the stiff face of the doll with big round lifeless eyes due to the abuse of contact lenses.

    Not only is she not popular, but Lolita is also criticized by netizens for having an abnormal appearance and often speaking indiscriminately. Accordingly, the girl born in 1998 thinks that she is the most beautiful living doll in the world and everyone is jealous, while men fancy her but she doesn’t like any of them.

    She even declared that she did not know who Valeria was and said she was naturally beautiful without any plastic surgeries, sophisticated makeup, or Photoshop editing… Number 5. Olga Oleynik Few people know that a girl named Olga Oleynik – 26 years old, a Ukrainian is one of the leaders of the trend of living dolls in the world.

    However, compared to other real-life Barbie, she probably is less known and rarely recognizes herself as beautiful or has a shocking statement to the press. She is only famous for her role as the twin sister of Valeria and often takes photos and appears with the most perfect doll version in the world.

    Olga and Valeria are not related by blood. The reason is called twins is because of the same hometowns, passions for doll style, and close relationship in real life. Currently, Olga and Valeria also come to the US and set up a company that specializes in modeling, makeup tutorials, and psychological counseling.

    .. for young girls. Number 4. Dakota Rose American 18-year-old girl – Dakota Rose is also one of the world-famous dolls. She is known by many people as having a wax face like Barbie and is the owner of a series of makeup lessons that attract millions of views on Youtube.

    Currently, Dakota lives in Japan and has become a hot model, sought by many companies in this country. She also continued to release clips to share beauty experiences online. Despite the cosmetic surgery rumors and a few ugly photos previously, the American girl is still confident and has a huge fandom.

    Number 3. Yun Tang, It can be said that Barbie style is often favored by European girls, so when Yun Tang appeared, she quickly attracted the attention of many netizens. Yun Tang is known to be 19 years old, from China, and currently studying at the University of Adelaide – Australia and was called the first living 리얼돌 doll in China.

    Like the seniors pursuing Barbie style, Yun Tang also has a wax-like appearance, which is not very natural. She possesses smooth white skin, unusually large eyes due to the abuse of contact lenses, an hourglass figure, with huge breasts but an ant waist.

    At the same time, she was an exception when she always stated that she was beautiful and didn’t undergo surgeries. Number 2. Justin Jedlica In the world of modeling, Justin Jedlica is the most famous living doll.

    The 36-year-old man underwent 149 surgeries to achieve the Ken doll model in real life. Justin Jedlica doesn’t mind revealing that 95% of his body is now silicon. The cosmetic inspiration of Justin Jedlica starts from the Japanese manga comics.

    In the past, he had a good-looking appearance but Justin Jedlica always wanted to achieve something more perfect. The first cosmetic surgery was at the age of 18 and Justin Jedlica spent about $100,000 to turn himself into a Ken doll model.

    In the world of toys, Ken is the handsome boyfriend of every centimeter of the Barbie doll. This real “Ken” once claimed to be gay and had a boyfriend. And the most perfect real-life 리얼돌 doll is Valeria Lukyanova Valeria Lukyanova, 32 years old, from Ukraine, is considered a “perfect” Barbie doll version in the world.

    Valeria looks like a doll with long blonde hair, big round eyes, an ant waist, and a huge breast. Valeria revealed that she is 1m70cm tall but weighs only 45kg with three measurements of 88 – 47 – 88.

    Despite changing quite a lot compared to the past, Valeria has never admitted to cosmetic surgery to have the looks of a living doll. She says that she only wears heavy makeup, and green contact lenses, and changes her hair color.

    Valeria revealed that, to maintain this physique, she is a vegetarian and only drinks fruit juice In addition, this “living doll” believes in spirituality and is aiming at the “air-only” lifestyle Unbelievable! Here are the most perfect real-life dolls.

    Who do you find most attractive? And which girl would you choose to be with? Quickly leave a comment below to let us know. This great video is over now. Thank you for watching our video. If you like it, remember to share it with your friends.


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