3 Ways To Stop Snoring!

Did you know that over 45% of us snore?

Some more than others!

If you’re single and you’re not bothering anybody then does it really matter?

Well yes because left unchecked snoring can eventually lead to sleep apnea!

This is when you stop breathing in your sleep which is dangerous by itself but it can also lead to things like heart disease.

So how do you stop snoring?

1: Change Your Sleeping Position

Most people who snore lie on their back which causes the base of your tongue to rest on the throat which constricts your air path and causes snoring.

The simple solution here is to sleep on your side.

If this is tricky for you then try propping some pillows underneath you to stop yourself rolling onto your back.

2: Lose Weight

Many people who snore do so after gaining weight because the extra flesh and fat constricts the air in the throat.

By losing weight you can free up your airpath which may help you to stop snoring!

Plus all the other benefits that come with losing weight.

3: Try An Anti Snore Device

There are many products for sale online for people who snore.

Many of them work.

One of the most popular ones I’ve seen for sale and heard good things about is called the SnoreRX mouth piece.

It works by pulling your lower jaw forward slightly which opens up your throat and prevents the vibrations that cause you to snore!

You can learn about the SnoreRX on www.SnoreRX.com


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