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After driving my wife crazy with my snoring for years I decided to try this device called the SnoreRX.

It’s actually been working so well that I’ve decided to write this review to tell you all about it.

Update! There are 6 NEW SnoreRx reviews below for you to read by other users.

  • The product I’m reviewing in this post is from LINK and it’s an anti-snore mouthpiece.

I honestly can’t tell you how many different products I’ve tried to help stop my snoring.

I’ve tried pills, pillows, head bands, meditation, hypnosis, tubes and a bunch of other stuff.

And out of all of those products do you know how many of them worked?

Yep, you’re right, none of them.

In fact, if you ask my wife she’d tell you that some of them actually made my snoring worse!

My snoring was so bad that I would wake everyone up.

The kids would complain and go to school tired, the wife would get angry at me because I disturbed her sleep every night and even the dog seemed like he had had enough of my snoring.

Something really had to be done.

I’d heard about these mouthpiece devices but they seemed gimmicky to me so I dismissed them until one day when I was taling to my friend at work.

I was telling him how my wife was super pissed at me that day because she had gotten no sleep because of my snoring.

It was then that he instantly perked up as if he had a secret he just couldn’t hold in and he told me about this product called the SnoreRx.

He said.

“Man, my wife was the same. You’ve got to get yourself a SnoreRx. Just pop it in your mouth before bed and no more snoring. It does the trick for me.”

So based on my friends recommendation I finally decided to give in and buy one of these gimmicky looking mouthpieces.

When I got home that evening I went to and purchased one for $99.

I bought on a Monday and it arrived on Wednesday.

My first impressions of the device were that it felt well-built and sturdy and it didn’t feel cheap and flimsy so that impressed me.

Now I didn’t realize when I bought it that you have to custom mold it to your teeth before you can wear it.

But that wasn’t a problem because the entire process took me less than 5 minutes.

I found this video that explains how to do it.

After custom molding it I read somewhere that before you take it to bed you should try to get used to it by wearing it during the day for a while.

So, for the couple of hours before bed I wore it to get used to it and found it relatively comfortable.

My kids laughed at me and said I looked weird wearing it.

I told them they looked weird and they left to go watch tv.

To be honest I didn’t see why I would have any issues getting to sleep with it in my mouth.

So anyway..

Here’s the big question that I’m sure is on your mind.

“Does the SnoreRx actually work?!”

Well, let me get straight to the point.

Not only did it work but I woke up the next morning feeling like I had gotten the best sleep of my life!

Everyone was happier and in a better mood the next day thanks to me not snoring.

I had more energy and felt much more productive the next day and it’s all thanks to SnoreRx.

I just wish I had tried it ages ago instead of buying all that other stuff.

The official website to purchase the SnoreRx device is

Give it a try because it works and it also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

SnoreRx Reviews

It’s worth the money!

I'm so happy I found this anti snoring device called the Snore RX because for the first night in years I didn't snore at all last night.

Me and my girlfriend can finally sleep in the same bed again. It may sound odd going to sleep with a big chunk of plastic in your mouth but the thing works so it's worth it.


Snore rx is the best!!

I've tried several mouth guard snore devices including the Zyppah and ZQuiet and the SnoreRX is by far the best.

It's the most comfortable and you can adjust it by mm which is essential because some mouthpieces pull your jaw too far forward and it causes you jaw to ache but with the Snorerx you can adjust it so it does the job and doesn't ache.

The price is good and mine has lasted almost a year as I've kept it clean and looked after it.

And the best part is that it does what it's supposed to do. You wear it and you stop snoring, end of.

Adam Lock

Seems to work

It has definitely stopped me from snoring, according to my husband. I can't say that I feel any more energetic the next day but oh well as long as it stops the snoring I am happy.


I get a much better sleep thanks to snore rx

I have the SnoreRX and a sleep app I bought for my iPhone that monitors how much you move and how much restful sleep you get during the night.

Since I have been wearing this thing my restful sleep has gone from an average of 6.2 hours a night to 8.1 hours per night!

Which means no more snoring plus I'm getting a much more restful sleep.


I bought another SnoreRx!

I'm on my second SnoreRx. I lost my first one and had no hesitations about ordering again because it's a great product!!


Me and my wife both use snore rx now.

I bought 2 for $154. One for me and one for my wife. Since we've both been using it neither of us have been snoring.

We used to both wake each other up all the time and sometimes sleep in separate rooms but for the past 2 weeks since using this we've been sleeping great and haven't woken each other up at all.

I would certainly recommend the Snore RX if you're a snorer.

Jon Parks

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What Is The SnoreRX Device?

It is basically a mouthpiece that you wear at night to stop you from snoring.

Studies show that mouthpieces like the SnoreRX have a 94% success rate.

What makes this one better than the competitors is that it allows you to adjust the lower jaw part in 1mm increments so that you can adjust it to fit your own jaw.

You want to adjust the lower part so that it pulls your jaw forward enough to stop you snoring but not so much that it causes your jaw to ache.

It’s very easy to figure out.

How Does It Work?

The mouthpiece pulls your lower jaw forward to open up the muscles within your throat so that air can pass through as you breathe more easily without causing the vibrations that results in snoring.

How Do You Use It?

Step 1: First of all, you need to mold it which is very easy to day. Just place it in boiling water for 90 seconds to soften the material and then bite into it so that it creates a mold of your teeth.

Step 2: After you have gone through the molding process you need to adjust the lower jaw part to the setting that’s right for you.

I would recommend fiddling around with it during the day time for a while and finding the setting that you can wear for longer than 30 minutes that pulls your jaw forward but doesn’t cause any pain.

Step 3: Before you go to bed just place the SnoreRX in your mouth and enjoy a snoreless night’s sleep.

Questions About The SnoreRX

Is it painful to use? No, it may cause a little jaw ache but that quickly goes away and you can lower the settings by a mm or so if it aches too much.

Is it easy to mold? Yes, the process is really easy and if you do mess up then you can remold it up to 3 times for the perfect fit.

How long does it last? They say on the official website that the SnoreRX will last 11-15 months on average if you look after it.

How often should you clean it? I give mine a quick was every day but they say on the website every 2-3 days is fine.

Is it easy to get to sleep while wearing it? Personally, I had no issues getting to sleep with mine in. I recommend getting used to it by wearing it during the day for a while.

Will it work for me? I’ve heard that mouthpieces like the SnoreRX have a 95% success rate when it comes to stopping snoring so there’s a high chance it will work for you.

What if it doesn’t work for me? Then you can contact them within 30 days and request a refund!

Should You Buy The SnoreRx Device?

To be honest I can’t think of a reason why anyone who snores wouldn’t want to try it, unless you live by yourself and aren’t disturbing anybody.

But even if you do live by yourself and you’re not disturbing anybody I would still recommend trying it simply because it helps you get a more restful sleep and you’ll feel better in the morning.

Why is it better than the competitors?

After doing some research I discovered that there are quite a few competitors to the SnoreRx device and there are 2 reasons why I would recommend it over the competitors.

1: You custom mold it to fit your teeth and mouth. This makes it much more comfortable and easier to wear.

I’ve heard that some dentists sell custom fitted anti-snore mouthpieces like the SnoreRx for over $2,000.

2: You can adjust the lower jaw part in 1mm settings. The other competing mouthpieces don’t allow you to do this which means you have no control over how much your lower jaw is being puller forward.

Because the SnoreRx allows you to adjust it in 1mm increments you can personalize it to your own needs and reduce jaw ache by not pulling the jaw too far forward.

Also the SnoreRx is very well made and it’s all in one piece so there’s no putting it together or risk of losing parts.

It doesn’t feel cheap or tacky either. It feels like a solid piece of kit.

It’s easy to breathe with it in your mouth, it’s safe and you’ll get used to wearing it very quickly.

The benefits are;

  • You’ll stop snoring! The effects are immediate and it should help you to stop snoring from the very first night.
  • No need to go to a doctor.
  • It molds to your teeth for a custom fit.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • It’s painless.
  • You will get a better sleep and so will your partner! This means you’ll have more energy and feel better the next day.
  • It has a high success rate.
  • The price is very reasonable for something that works so good.
  • And there’s a money back guarantee.

I’ll finish off this review by saying that the SnoreRx has been the only product I’ve used that has actually been able to stop me from snoring.

My friend recommended it to me and now I’m recommending it to you.

So purchase the SnoreRx from because it feels so good to finally stop snoring and your partner will thank you!

If you have purchased the SnoreRx or have any questions about it then please feel free to post in the comments below!

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