TruBrain Review and Results – A Brain Booster That Actually Works?!

For a while now I’ve been taking a supplement called TruBrain to help me focus and get more work done.

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I’m a coder, web developer and I also trade stocks.

I wanted to take the time to write this review because I feel like it’s given me a huge edge lately.

I’ve just been so focused and have gotten more done this month than I got done in the entire 6 months before that.

To tell you the truth a part of me doesn’t want to write this review.

“A selfish part of me just wants to keep it a secret. Mwahaha.”

But on the other hand, there’s plenty to go around and I know a lot of people are interested in it after they saw it on the Shark Tank inspired tv program “MVP”.

So in the rest of this post I’m going to tell you everything I know about TruBrain and how it’s been going for me.

  • By the way the official website where I purchased from is LINK

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So often I would find myself staring at my computer screen and not getting anything done.

It was especially bad during the afternoon times and the hours just seemed to disappear and I’d be left wondering where the hell the day had gone and why I had gotten so little done.

I would get this really bad brain fog which made it hard to focus and concentrate.

So, I began looking for ways to improve my energy and focus and that’s when I learned about these things called Nootropics which are basically like vitamins for the brain.

There are literally hundreds of nootropics for sale online so I spent some time reading reviews and one product that I kept hearing good things about was TruBrain.

People were saying that they felt more focused and were getting more work done so I checked out their website and saw that they were offering a $10 trial box.

So, I purchased and it arrived a couple of days later.

What’s the difference between the boost and the original?

Here are the nutrition facts for them;

The “Boost” drink contains;

  • 20mg more caffeine than the original.
  • 40mg more L-Theanine than the original.
  • An ingredient called Centrophenoxine which helps more oxygen flow to the brain.
  • An ingredient called Uridine Monophosphate which helps to improve sleep and help your brain function smore smoothly.
  • An ingredient called Noopept which greats improves cognitive function and memory.
  • And the “Boost” version also contains 3 grams less sugars.

In conclusion the “Boost” version is a bit more powerful than the “Original” version.

There is also a caffeine free version too.

“Do The TruBrain Drinks Actually Work?”

Well the short answer to that is YES!

The day after it arrived I woke up at 5:30 am and instead of grabbing my usual cup of black coffee I decided to grab a sachet of the TruBrain Boost.

I sat down at my desk and loaded up my computer and while I was waiting for my computer to load I quickly drank it down.

I wouldn’t say that it tasted great but it’s not bad either.

As I proceeded to load up some code that I was working on for a client I immediately began to feel the effects.

It was like nothing I had felt before. Coffee definitely couldn’t do this.

My morning grogginess immediately vanished and my head felt clearer.

It was almost a euphoric feeling.

I felt more alert, energized and completely focused.

I realized that I needed to take advantage of this focus so I got to work and began coding away.

Before I knew it, an hour had gone by and I hadn’t stopped working for a single minute.

I was so focused and in the zone and had made tons of progress.

By about 11:30 I had almost completely finished the software I was coding and my deadline wasn’t for another week!

How the hell did I just do that I wondered to myself.

I cannot tell you how good it felt to be that productive, it’s something you have to experience for yourself.

After lunch I drank another sachet of TruBrain. This time the “Original” version.

Now to tell you the truth I didn’t notice a huge difference in the way I felt between the “Boost” and the “Original” but they both were effective.

As I said earlier on, afternoon times are the worst for me and tend to be my least productive time of the day so the best test was whether TruBrain could help cure my afternoon laziness.

And it really did help.

5 minutes after taking the TruBrain Original just after lunch I began to feel that same focus I felt in the morning.

So, I went and got started on an article I was writing.

My goal was to write 1,000 words but an hour and 30 minutes later I had written over 2,500 words and I still had that euphoric focus about me and absolutely zero brain fog that usually plagues my afternoons.

When I went to bed that evening I felt very proud of myself for getting so much done and without a doubt that was one of the most productive days of my working life.

I could not deny that the TruBrain drinks really do work.

Since then I have made several more orders of TruBrain and feel the same effects every time I take it.

In the last month alone I feel like I have gotten more work done than I did in the entire 6 months before that.

You could say TruBrain has helped me to become 6 times more productive.

It’s helped me get more work done, get more clients, make more money and in my spare time I’ve been able to really focus on trading stocks and my account is up over 10% this month.

To say that I’m happy with TruBrain is an understatement.

You can try TruBrain for $10 on with the coupon code XX.

I recommend it 100% and will go on record as saying it’s been a total life changer for me.

TruBrain Reviews

Got my first ever A in Science!

My Mom got me a box of TruBrain for Christmas. At first I didn't have a clue what it was but she said that it might help me with my studying.

I wanted to write this review to say that I'm really glad I found it because it helps me study for hours straight when I used to get bored and distracted after 15 minutes.

I also got an A on my last Science test. My first ever A, before that the highest I had ever got was a C in Science.

Studying pays off so thanks Tru Brain for helping me be more brainy.

Kirsty Cooper

TruBrain gives me a nice boost

My hobby is trading stocks too. I'm an architect during the day but study stocks at night. I'm coming up with my own trading system and I think TruBrain is truly helping me to knuckle down and do my research in the evenings when my body would rather rest on the sofa and watch tv.

But that's how you make progress. You have to put in the hard work no matter what. This product helps keep me focused.


It’s great for getting more work done!

Like a lot of people I watched the Limitless film and then Googled to see if something like it really existed.

That's how I heard about nootropics and the Trubrain drink.

I think the Limitless film is extremely farfetched but the effects aren't far off.

I only take one drink a day to make the order last longer but that's enough for me as it seems to last a good 3-5 hours.

In that time I feel like I get an immense amount of work done.

I'm a data analyst for a finance company by the way.

My work used to get on top of me and I would lag behind which annoyed my manager but now thanks to TruBrain I get my work done so fast that I'm actively going to my manager requesting more work.

I think I'm in line for the next promotion which will mean a pay rise so that will be nice.

My manager has been asking me what my secret is and how I'm getting so much work done.

Hell no am I going to tell him about TruBrain LOL.

Mr H.

I never knew I could feel this way!

To anyone who is reading this and is interested in trubrain all I can say is that it's legit and you will feel it's effects.

I have found a way to make it even more powerful and that's by starting a Ketogenic diet.

They say that your brain runs better when you go Keto because fat is a more efficient energy source for it.

The focus and mental clarity that I get from being Keto and supplementing with trubrain is out of this world.

It really does feel like you are using all of your brain power instead of just some of it.

And I seem to never feel tired. I used to not be able to function unless I had had 8-9 hours sleep but now I find myself waking up much earlier getting only 7 hours sleep but feeling wide awake and great.

I never knew it was humanly possible to feel this good and I'm 36 years old!

Tom Morris

Tru Brain is a good product

It works as described. Not a scam.


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What Is TruBrain

It is essentially a super vitamin for the brain. It came into the spotlight after being featured on the Shark Tank inspired tv show “MVP”.

It was created by neuroscientists Dr Andrew Hill and Dr Aida Attar.

You can read more about the creators on

The ingredients contained within the TruBrain formula are made up of amino acids, minerals and nutrients and have all been proven to have positive effects on cognitive function and brain health.

The creators took these ingredients and made them into a nootropic super drink.

It’s much more powerful than just drinking a coffee and it’s completely safe, healthy even.

It’s good to know that it’s also manufactured in an FDA certified facility.

Questions About TruBrain

Is it safe? According to the science page here it’s very safe and is even safer than Vitamin C.

As my experience goes, I noticed no negative side effects. I didn’t notice any jitteriness, comedowns or crashes.

How long does it take to feel the effects? They say on their website that it can take 45 minutes but personally I always begin to feel the effects right away, especially if I drink them on an empty stomach.

How long do the effects last for? If I had a good night’s sleep then I find that I can get away with only drinking one sachet per day as the effects can last from morning and sometimes well into the afternoon.

Other times the effects ware off by about 11:30-12:00 if I drink it at 5:30 am.

I would say the effects last around 6 hours on average.

Capsules Vs Drink? I have only used the drink version and after reading the ingredients list on both I would definitely recommend the drink over the capsules or the food bar.

Will it keep me up at night? The “Original” and “Boost” version both contain caffeine so there’s a good possibility that if you take them too late in the evening then you may find it hard to get to sleep.

Personally, I don’t drink them after 1pm and I’ll have my last one with lunch if I’m having 2 that day.

If you are a night time person and need to get some night time focus but also want to get to sleep then you may want to try the caffeine free version.

There are some more FAQs answered here on the official site.

If you have any other questions then you can leave a comment below and me or someone else will try to answer them!

The Benefits Of TruBrain

When I initially learned about these nootropic things my first thought was they have to be a scam right.

I mean, a super vitamin for the brain that helps you focus and get more work done?

I thought it was probably just marketers taking advantage of that “Limitless” movie with Bradley Cooper.

But as I began to research the ingredients I discovered that they’re all backed up by clinical research studies that prove they really do have amazing effects on the brain and cognitive function.

Now after trying the TruBrain nootropic drinks for myself I can say without a doubt that they are not a scam.

The Main Benefits Are;

You’ll Feel SUPER Focused – Whatever it is that you’re focusing on, whether it’s homework, an essay, a report or whatever you’ll find that you are 100% focused on it and nothing else will seem to matter.

More Alert – You’ll feel much more awake and in the zone.

Clear Headed – Have you ever suffered from brain-fog where you just can’t seem to concentrate? You read an entire page of text and just can’t get it to sink in.

Well, one of the first things you’ll notice is that your mind becomes clear of all that fog and you just seem to take everything in and you feel more switched on.

You’ll Feel Smarter – With more cognitive function going on you are essentially using more of your brain.

It’s amazing how you seem to find the right words quicker and whatever it is you’re working on, let’s say it’s an essay, you’ll find the words just flow out of you.

More Energy – You will feel a bit more energized when you drink this stuff.

Be More Productive – You will find that with all of this new-found focus and energy that you become so much more productive in whatever it is you’re doing.

You will get things done faster and that feels great.

A Feeling Of Euphoria – I think “Euphoria” is the perfect words to describe how you feel after drinking this sometimes.

Use the coupon XX and get a $10 trial on

When you drink TruBrain you almost feel like you can do no wrong.

You become more alert, focused and it can seem as if you have reached a higher level of being.

You will feel like there are no limits to what you can accomplish so give TruBrain a try because it is some very powerful stuff.

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